10 January 2013, Article
A Happy New Year? Maybe - maybe not!
Dingo and his friends are full of hope (and dreams) for the coming year - they're resolved to make it one of the best ever, and with all their talents and expertise I'm sure it's going to be absolutely wonderful for them. For a start, the CD which is just about to be released, is sure to bring in a lot of money for them, and then the sky's the limit. Who knows what could happen! In fact, a little bird told me on the quiet that Dingo is secretly planning to go and live in Switzerland! Well - that'll ...
03 January 2013, Article
Dingo in Thailand - go it, Marco Polo!
Much to my relief I have just received an email from Dingo. He's OK - but more than that, what a wonderful time he and the others seem to be having. Where precisely they are I haven't a clue (I don't think they have either!), but wherever it is it sounds absolutely fabulous! Dingo reckons Thailand is the most wonderful place he has ever been to! ("Well, commented Ebenezer, "that's hardly surprising - hes never been anywhere else despite what he says!") Anyway, although Dingo hasn't bothered to ...
27 December 2012, Article
I didn't think he would - but he has!
I honestly didn't think that Dingo would be able to fit the London concert in, have his Christmas party and then fly off to Thailand all in one evening! I mean, there's a limit to what even he can do! And yet - somehow he managed it! I received an email from him a couple of days ago plus the attached drawing (below) and although he reckons he's too busy to write much now he has asked me if I'd send everyone his very best wishes for the New Year. So until I hear more from him, Cheers to you all! ...
22 December 2012, Article
Well - what can one say! The picture below says it all! Talk about a triumph! As one commentator put it: "The Coronation and Kate and William's wedding looked like small village Punch and Judy side-shows in comparison with this little lot!" The concert was originally scheduled for the Royal Festival Hall you may remember, but such was the demand that it was decided to hold it in Hyde Park. Just as well! London has seldom seen anything like it and it'll never be quite the same again. Even the ...
13 December 2012, Article
"Father Christmas? Utter nonsense!"... Prof.Ebenezer
Well that's what Ebenezer says - but does he really think it's all a lot of humbug, like Scrooze? As for presents, some people may leave their Christmas shopping until the last moment, but Dingo and Co., are far too impatient and excited to do that! But apart from that, this year they've got to get themselves really organised as there's the Great Concert at the Royal Festival Hall that we're heard so much about recently; then there's the huge party they're having at their place (to which, by the way, ...
08 December 2012, Article
Dingo's secret diary
I've just taken a peek at Dingo's diary. This is what I found: "Monday 24th December, 2012. (1) 7pm. Grand Christmas concert at the Royal Festival Hall, London. Self playing one of my own piano sonatas and one by Ludwig van - an old friend of mine who is struggling a lot and could do with a bit of a lift-up! To be recorded. Super. BBC contract? (2) Father Christmas is coming.  Write list of things I want. Wrap presents for Eb, Mousie and Sonnet (and someone else!) Hang up stocking (the ...
06 December 2012, Article
Disaster strikes famous performers
What exciting lives Dingo and his friends lead and what a lot of lovely memories they’re storing up for the long winter evenings! However, it’s not all wonderful. There are some bits that they’ll want to forget – like now for instance! But although it looks very serious, fear not, the world’s media have, I suspect, blown- the whole thing out of all proportion just to keep us all in suspence! I mean, just look at today’s headlines in the world press! Even the BBC, which is normally very ...
30 November 2012, Article
Concert up-date: behind the scenes!
The Great Christmas Concert is proving to be a sell-out. Tickets can now only be got on the blackmarket! But sources near to the throne say that behind-the-scenes things aren't going all that smoothly! Dingo being Dingo isn't practising. "I don't need to" he was heard to say the other day, "even if I make dozens of mistakes in the 'Hammerklavier' no one will be able to tell!! Besides", he added, "Anton Rubinstein always made hundreds of mistakes and nobody cared! It's the spirit of the thing ...
22 November 2012, Article
World-wide interest in concert
Not surprisingly, Sonnet was terribly upset when everyone ran away just because he wanted to sing at the Christmas concert. He even lost his appetite and couldn't sleep. "I did so want to sing" he said to me the other night, wiping away his tears. Well, Dingo, Mousie and even Ebenezer, felt terribly guilty after I explained to them how upset Sonnet was, because they love each other dearly and wouldn't knowingly hurt each others feelings for anything in the world. So they put their heads together ...
15 November 2012, Article
What on earth went wrong?
I popped by Dingo's place the other day to see how they were. I also wanted to find out if they had made any plans yet for Christmas. Unfortunately when I got there only Sonnet was in, and oddly enough he didn't have any idea where they were - and what was worrying, he didn't have the vaguest idea when they would be back.  I wonder what had happened?