08 November 2012

Dingo goes visiting

Yesterday, Dingo got the hell-in it with Ebenezer and co. and decided to go and visit an old friend of his who lives down the road (believe it or not he actually has some friends!)

He reckons he has been working too hard and he needs a holiday (or so he says - added to which his Great Symphony is not going very well at the moment!). Anyway, off he went for a short break, but things weren't much better at his friend's house - in fact, he was quite glad in the end to get back home again! When Ebenezer asked him how it had gone, Dingo merely said: "It was what you might call - emotionally draining!". I think the lady in question threw a shoe at him or something because of some unfortunate remark he made!



Thurstan Bassett
13 Nov 2012
Dear Lan, thank you very much indeed for your kind remarks.Dingo was thrilled when I told him what you'd said. He reckons he's going to have an extra bone for dinner just to celebrate!
Lan Jiang
13 Nov 2012
These pictures make me smiling) I hope that Dingo with his friends will continue to bring joy in our lives)

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