17 January 2013

Where's Dingo?

Does anyone know where Dingo and Co., are?
The last I heard of them was that they were in Thailand.

However, someone sent me an email the other day saying that they'd seen him at Heathrow boarding a plane for Basle!

So if any of you have seen him (or Ebenezer, Mousie or Sonnet for that matter), I'd be awfully grateful if you'd let me know. Just one word of warning - If you spot Ebenezer and he's alone, don't approach him - he may be dangerous!

In the meantime, I did receive this note which could perhaps explain a few things: it's possible that they all decided that it's just too nerve-wracking living with Uncle Eb. at the moment! I can understand that having also just formed the same New Year's resolution myself!! Good luck Ebenezer!

PS: By the way, sales of their CD were absolutely out of this world. More about that next week - but I can tell you, they need never worry about money anymore, lucky guys!



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