16 April 2013

Dingo has a problem

Poor Dingo has had a rather bad time of it lately. He hasn't been sleeping and hes even been off his food - and that's saying something!  None of us knew what was wrong (although Mousie was convinced that he'd got Bird 'flu from living in the same house as Ebenezer! As you can imagine Ebenezer wasn't very amused with Mousie!)

However, we've now found out what was causing the trouble! Apparently, he had written a lovely letter to his girlfriend for Easter and he naturally expected he'd receive a really loving answer in reply - a sort of "I love you deeply and can't live without you, darling - kiss, kiss, hug, hug" sort of thing!

But - despair on despair - nothing came for him, and what a carry-on there has been! One would have thought that Kim Jong-un had finally decided to see what would happen if he let off his thermo-nuclear warheads!The atmosphere in the house was all dark doom and gloom - it was like living with Heathcliff in Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights"!

Anyway, all's well now because yesterday he finally got a letter from his Goddess and I am happy to say that there is singing, dancing and laughing once again in the Great House of Dingo!! But I wonder what the next crisis will be?



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