26 May 2014

Dingo announces new organ work!

I didn't want to mention it myself, but Dingo insists!

He has written a new piece for organ and I must reluctantly admit that it's pretty good - for a dog that is!

I crept into the cathedral the other evening unbeknown to him and listened to him playing the thing, and I'm not surprised that he's proud of it. Mind you, he was playing a big, powerful 4 manual instrument with a glorious range of pedal stops like 32' bombards and all that sort of thing. Even so I have no hesitation (Dingo made me promise to say all this!) in recommending this short but brilliant work of his to any organist wanting something new and exciting to perform - the codetta alone is quite out of this world - bearing in mind again, that it's the unassisted work of a very hard-working, affectionate doggie! In fact, I'd say it's unique!



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