17 November 2011


I first came across the name of Augeners just after the end of the Second World War when I was living in England. I was about 13 at the time and had recently suddenly "discovered" the glorious world of symphonic music via a set of HMV 78rpm records (and a dilapidated wind-up gramophone) which my elder brother had of Beethoven's 7th symphony in that historic recording of the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of New York under the legendary Arturo Toscanini.

I vowed on that day that I must, by hook or by crook, get some more music by this wonderful person called Beethoven. So, carefully writing the strange name out on a piece of paper so that I wouldn't forget it, I raced down to the local music shop. Shyly and breathlessly I showed the old man behind the counter the scrap of paper and asked him if he had anything by "this person?"

He smiled, no doubt amused at my youthful ignorance.

"I think I might be able to find something for you. You never know!"

He went to the back of the shop and returned a few moments later bearing a thick volume of "that person's" pieces called "piano sonatas" (what on earth's a "sonata"? I wondered!). Volume 1. Augener's edition.

"Will this do, young fellow?"

Would it! I should think it would!

Ever since that unforgetable day,  the names of Beethoven, Toscanini and  Augeners have been inextricably and joyfully linked in my mind in a golden setting.

And 67 years later, quite by chance, while hesitantly surfing the net (I say hesitantly for my knowledge of computers is abysmal), I came across, yet again, the name of Augeners - and Load.CD and the circumstances have been for me equally happy and equally memorable as on that first occasion so many years ago.

Rather nervously, I decided, out of curiosity, to write to the contact address given just to see what would happen!

To my surprise, next day I received an extremely friendly yet very informative reply, and thus began what has been for me (even though short so far) a very rewarding and happy association with the Load.CD  Support Team.

I haven't the vaguest idea who they are, but I do know that I have seldom ever come across such kindness, patience or unstinting willingness to help as has been so consistently shown to me by them over the past few weeks.

I am deeply grateful to them for in this age of often cold and inhuman technology and chlling indifference,  it is a rare piece of fortune indeed to come across such courtesy and friendliness, as well as efficiency.

The name of Augeners seemed wonderful to me as a youngster all those years ago and nearly 7 decades later it still does.

I can truly say in all sincerity:

"Thank you, Augeners, for both the past and the present - you've been a wonderful friend indeed".



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