05 January 2012

Introducing Dingo and friends!

I first "met" Dingo and his friends many years ago in my journalistic days. Over the years they have proved to be wonderful and very amusing companions, and I can't now imagine life without them. Despite Dingo"s irrepressible self-confidence, Mousie's many phobias and Prof. Ebenezer's often boring and humourless lectures (not to mention Sonnet's delightfully dreamy and extremely vague way of looking at things), they are all the very best of friends even though - as in all families - they often have some pretty exciting and heated quarrels. Mousie hates it when they have disagreements, and inevitably has nightmares and has to eat a lot of cheese to recover (mature cheddar brings the swiftest relief!). But at least, at the moment anyway, they all agree in one thing - they wish all of the team at Load.CD a very, very happy and successful 2012 - or as Dingo just put it: "Stick by me, you guys, and you'll be alright!" Typical Dingo!!



Jilly Joe
06 Jan 2012
Thumbs up! Uncle Ebenezer, Dingo, Mousie and Sonnet are brilliant! We are looking forward to the continuation!

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