20 February 2012

Dingo makes a "great discovery"

Dingo is over-the-moon at what hes found among all his rubbish, and he hasn't stopped talking about it for days! It obviously means a great deal to him, which is, I suppose, the only thing that really matters in the end. As Master William so succintly put it: "What is aught but as 'tis valued?" What indeed!

But Dingos not the only one giving expression to his innermost feelings! Sonnet has been busy too, although I hardly think his funny quatrain (which he has posted below) can be classified as great poetry - or poetry at all, for that matter! But isn't the sentiment one which we all secretly nurture at one time or another? I know I do!

As for poor Mousie - I just don't know what he's going to do. I think he'll have to go on tranquillisers or something if he's not careful. Alternatively, if all else fails he could be made to listen to one or two of Brahms' symphonies - THAT would soon put him to sleep!

A MOMENT FROZEN IN TIME                                      THE IDEALIST

She suddenly turned                                I want to become the greatest king: 

And looked at me                                    To go where I want and to do anything,

All April in her eyes,                                To climb my tower and ring the bell

And though I knew                                   And tell all my subjects to go to hell!

Our love would fade

Such visions never die.

'Twas only a passing moment,

As brief as a fleeting smile,

But for me 'tis forever engraven

Like a stone-carved god of the Nile.



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