29 February 2012

Dingo is struggling

Poor Dingo is really "battling" with his new Symphony which, when finished, he calmly told us over afternoon tea, he thinks he'll call 'The Tenth'!

Unfortunately, Ebenezer was just about to swallow a mouthful of the "cup that cheers" at that very moment. He was so shocked at Dingo's conceit and audacity that he spat the lot over Mousie who happened to be nearest him!

He also reckons that he is going to use his 2nd Bagatelle (which he found the other day) as a sort of Scherzo for it. "Of course it'll need turning inside out and upside down, but it'll be just the thing when I've finished tinkering with it! - it'll give the work a bit of light relief from the other really meaty movements!"

I think myself that it's all talk and bravura! He has only just begun the thing and he reckons he's already tired out because of what he calls "the massive drain on his intellectual and spiritual powers!"

I asked Ebenezer what he thought. "I refuse to comment on that in public!"

Just as well. It would probably be unprintable!



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