08 March 2012

Doubts cast on State Funeral

Dingo and his friends were talking the other evening about their ancestry.

He claims he comes from a long line of illustrious Normans who illegally entered England in 1066! (“Barbaric Norman dogs!” muttered Ebenezer under his breath).

“I heard that!” said Dingo. “But you can’t talk anyway. I’ve got a jolly good idea who youre descended from – you’re just like him!”

“Oh – who’s that?” asked Ebenezer innocently.

“Bach – you’re also totally boring and banal!”

Later, when they had got over their little argument, Mousie surprised them all by saying that one of his relatives was Sir Archibald Mouse and that when he passed over to the Great Micelands yonder he was actually given a State Funeral in Westminster Abbey!

“Rubbish!” snorted Dingo. “I don’t believe you!”

“Oh, but it’s true, Dingo. “I’ve even got a picture of it. I’ll go and get it!”

They waited.

“I bet he won’t be able to find it” said Dingo.

But to his amazement, he did and as it’s quite an interesting historical document (anyway, just as interesting in its way as Barak Obama’s birth certificate!), I thought you might like to see it. What do you think? Is it genuine or not?

PS: Incidentally, Dingo has just “knocked off” another jolly little Bagatelle which he has put on site. “It’s just a little something to keep all my thousands of fans happy while I prepare something really stupendous for them!”

Yeah, right!



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