23 October 2012

Dingo and the Great (US) Debate

Dingo and the Great (US) Debate

I want to become a famous king,

And go anywhere and do anything:

To climb my tower and ring the bell,

And tell all my subjects to go to hell!

After Dingo originally posted this bit of doggeral of his, he didin't know how to put a picture with it. Now he has discovered how to and, boy, is he chuffed with himself! He's finally getting into the 21st century!

"But you can't put the same piece in twice", Ebenezer objected.

"Why can't I? It's my Blog. I'll put it in as many times as I want!"

"O well!" replied Ebenezer with a shrug of the shoulders, "do what you want. Afterall, it doesn't matter much - nobody reads your stuff anyway!"

"Yes they do - let me tell you, you old flea-bag, I have thousands of devoted fans and followers all over the world!"

"Yeah, right!".

"Yes I have".

"No you haven't".

"Yes I have".

(Loud voice off): "For crying out loud you two. Shut up and go to sleep.You sound like Mitt Romney and Barak Obama!"


(In whispers)

""No you haven't".

"Yes I have ------ well, my Mum loves me anyway".

Long silence

"Hey, Ebenezer, who's Barak Obama?"



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