22 November 2012

World-wide interest in concert

Not surprisingly, Sonnet was terribly upset when everyone ran away just because he wanted to sing at the Christmas concert. He even lost his appetite and couldn't sleep. "I did so want to sing" he said to me the other night, wiping away his tears.

Well, Dingo, Mousie and even Ebenezer, felt terribly guilty after I explained to them how upset Sonnet was, because they love each other dearly and wouldn't knowingly hurt each others feelings for anything in the world. So they put their heads together to see what they could do to put things right, and I am extremely pleased and relieved to be able to tell everyone that the Great Christmas Concert is now on again (by courtesy of MusicaNeo), and that Sonnet WILL, in fact, be taking part.

Dingo wants me to remind the public at large of the works being performed.

DINGO (piano): (1) Piano sonata opus 106. The Hammerklavier, by that up-and-coming young composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

Sonata quasi una fantasia. Composer: Dingo (NB: this famous work is available for download free of charge, says Dingo! "It is also" he said, "a jolly sight more pleasant to listen to than the Hammerklavier".

The rest includes a miscellany of Scottish reels and dirges by Ebenezer on the bagpipes; Mozart's bassoon concerto K7834 (or whatever) played by Mousie, and Sonnet will be singing the complete songs of Schubert plus a goodly collection of Handel's lesser-known arias (sleeping-bags and ear-plugs available at the door!)

So - don't delay applying for a ticket. The demand has been overwhelming. Don't ruin your Christmas by missing out on this rare opportunity to see and hear these great artists in person!

PS: (Dingo will be available for autographs during the interval).



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