13 Dezember 2012

"Father Christmas? Utter nonsense!"... Prof.Ebenezer

Well that's what Ebenezer says - but does he really think it's all a lot of humbug, like Scrooze?

As for presents, some people may leave their Christmas shopping until the last moment, but Dingo and Co., are far too impatient and excited to do that! But apart from that, this year they've got to get themselves really organised as there's the Great Concert at the Royal Festival Hall that we're heard so much about recently; then there's the huge party they're having at their place (to which, by the way, you're all welcome ("especially" added Dingo, "if you bring lots of goodies with you!"). And then, on top of all that, they're off to Thailand!

What an amazing change of fortune for them! For years now they've been leading a rather dull and mundane life - now, suddenly, things have really blossomed out for them and they're having all sorts of wonderful adventures and meeting hosts of interesting new friends!

It just shows you - you never know what lovely things are waiting just around the corner for you! (I know for sure that Ebenezer is not going to be able to resist pointing out that we also don't know what nasty things are waiting for us either and that... hold on here he comes!

"I just heard you saying that we don't know what lovely things are waiting just around the corner for us"

"Yes, what about it, Ebenezer?"

"Well, I must point out that one also doesn't know what nasty things are waiting for one!"

"Alright, alright, Ebenezer. Must you always be such a wet - blanket!"

Anyway, whatever Ebenezer says, they're all determined to have a wonderful Christmas - and they're got their presents ready. I wonder if they'll manage to keep them unopened till Christmas morning!



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