22 Dezember 2012


Well - what can one say! The picture below says it all!

Talk about a triumph! As one commentator put it: "The Coronation and Kate and William's wedding looked like small village Punch and Judy side-shows in comparison with this little lot!" The concert was originally scheduled for the Royal Festival Hall you may remember, but such was the demand that it was decided to hold it in Hyde Park. Just as well!

London has seldom seen anything like it and it'll never be quite the same again. Even the legendary Arturo Toscanini never received a reception to equal this!

But now they're off to conquer the Far East, so stand-by Bangkok - you have been warned.

PS: A CD of this unforgettable concert will be available at all major outlets worldwide early in the new year. In view of the unprecedented demand for this historic recording, we strongly advise you to reserve your copy now by leaving your name and address on the contact page or under "comments" to avoid disappointment.



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