27 Dezember 2012

I didn't think he would - but he has!

I honestly didn't think that Dingo would be able to fit the London concert in, have his Christmas party and then fly off to Thailand all in one evening! I mean, there's a limit to what even he can do! And yet - somehow he managed it!
I received an email from him a couple of days ago plus the attached drawing (below) and although he reckons he's too busy to write much now he has asked me if I'd send everyone his very best wishes for the New Year.
So until I hear more from him, Cheers to you all!
PS: By the way, Dingo says he heard someone tell a joke on the plane that nearly made him choke!
"Did you hear about the cross-eyed school teacher?" asked this kid.
"Well - she couldn't control her pupils!"



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