03 Januar 2013

Dingo in Thailand - go it, Marco Polo!

Much to my relief I have just received an email from Dingo.
He's OK - but more than that, what a wonderful time he and the others seem to be having. Where precisely they are I haven't a clue (I don't think they have either!), but wherever it is it sounds absolutely fabulous! Dingo reckons Thailand is the most wonderful place he has ever been to! ("Well, commented Ebenezer, "that's hardly surprising - hes never been anywhere else despite what he says!")
Anyway, although Dingo hasn't bothered to write much himself, Peggy Tee (who is looking after them and got them all in tow, poor girl!) is fortunately keeping a full record of the trip on her blog (see Check it out - it's great!
However, Dingo has been taking lots of photos from which one can clearly see just how beautiful Thailand and its people really are. There are only 7 at the moment (photographs, that is, not Thailanders!) but I'll include more of them next time.



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