24 Februar 2013

Dingo is inspired

Dingo group

I’m sure (well, fairly sure) you’ve all been wondering where Dingo has been all this time. Many of you, I imagine, have lain awake sleepless for many a night, tossing and turning in your beds anxiously pondering as to what could possibly have happened to him.

You haven’t?

OK. Never mind.  I’m going to tell you anyway!

The truth is that he came over all creative a couple of weeks ago, went into his room, locked the door, and that was the last we saw of him until yesterday (it was beautiful not having him around for a change!) when he suddenly re-appeared looking rather like Beethoven: “wild, dishevelled and exhausted after a long period of creative work of the highest order and abstinence from food of any kind”!

Ebenezer gave him a couple a couple of bones and a few dog biscuits to be going on with (Dingo that is, not Beethoven) and asked him what he’d been up to.

“Ah” he said, “Great Things!”

“Such as?”

“Well for a start, I’ve written a magnificent Bagatelle (No 4). It’s a hum-dinger of a thing, “full of sound and fury” and elemental passion! Presto con fuoco and all that sort of thing. I’m going to offer it to various European Kings and Queens and Emperors and their Courts! It’s just the thing. It’s one of the best little things I’ve ever done even though I say it myself. It's a small coin but it bears Caesar's image!”

“No comment” Ebenezer said under his breath!

“Then” Dingo went on, “I wrote a snazzy poem about my early life and if that wasn’t enough, I then did a beautiful black and white landscape just for the hell of it!” He looked at Ebenezer with an exhausted smile.

“Am I cute or what” he said!

Well, I must say the Bagatelle is really worth hearing, and if you’re interested (which you jolly well ought to be if you’ve got any taste or discernment at all), you can find it on this very site – and, what's more, you can download it and perform it for nothing too! Goodness me, what more can you want! And, an interesting point, Dingo even printed it himself which considering he has hardly had any practise at all with the software is pretty good, I reckon. There may be some mistakes, but that's only to be expected as he’s only little and he does try very, very hard!

As for his picture, I had a peek at it and thought you lot might like to see it too.

What do you think – is Dingo cute or what?

Go on, be nice, and give him a word of encouragement and if you want to make him REALLY happy make a recording of his latest Bagatelle for him (he hasn't got a piano anymore so he can't do one for himself unfortunately).

And here's his picture.



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