29 März 2013




Hey, you guys, what better way to celebrate Easter than by discovering the wonderful world of Dingo! I've just uploaded a fantasic piece of piano music which, even though I say it myself, is quite brilliant (especially the 2nd variation!) Once you've got to know this magnificent work I'll guarantee you'll never want to play anything else again - ever! (you'll find it on Thurstan Bassett's site under the fancy title of Tema con Variazione which sounds far more interesting and high-falutin than the plain and boring English title of Theme with Variations!. (Everything sounds better in Italian, I reckon!)

Not only is this an incredibly fascinating work but it's absolutely free! Now I ask you - what more can you want!
Actually, there were, originally, a few more variations, but I don't know where they've got to at the moment. I have an idea that Mousie has pinched them to make a nest with! ("And a good thing, too!" muttered Ebenezer) Anyway, if I do find them I'll bung them on the end later. By the way, I'm still learning how to work the software to print the darn things so there may be a few printing mistakes like missing accidentals and lines that go all over the place! So, all you budding Paderewskis and Rubinsteins, please try and exercise patience and not throw the thing in the wastepaper basket. I'm getting there - slowly but surely.

Incidentally, I can't understand why you haven't downloaded my Nursery Suite. It's a jolly humourous piece in parts, and just the thing to "set the table on a roar" - (that, by the way, added Ebenezer, is from Hamlet just in case the ignorant don't recognise the erudite quotation!). It's a really super suite especially the bit where a kid who is learning how to play his scales, day-dreams that he is a brilliant pianist and suddenly bursts into a dazzling performance of Beethoven's Waldstein! That played properly is guaranteed to bring the house down! So if you really want to become famous - put that on your repetoire! (Come on someone, give us a break - I want to be famous even if you don't. I'm fed up with eating bits of old mince-meat and other peoples' left-overs! In fact, I'll actually dedicate the work to the first person who is brave enough to perform it in public.. How about that!. There's immortality for you!!!)

Well, guys, that's the end of the announcement - all I've got to do now is to wish you all a very, very happy Easter! And that comes from Mousie and Sonnet too. Ebenezer, however, is feeling really anti-social at the moment and says he doesn't care whether anyone has a happy Easter or not!!!(actually he's down-in-the mouth because no-one gave him an Easter egg this year!) Shame! Hurry up - it's not too late to send him one!

Love DingoXXXX










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