27 November 2014


Dingo has just rushed in: breathless and panting like a steam engine about to blow up!

"What's the matter?" I said jumping out of bed.

"QUICK! QUICK! Go to US IMMEDIATELY! Just for today (27th November - because it's Thanksgiving Day) they're giving away FREE copies of my poetry book ( Vignettes of Childhood and other poems) - so if you've got a Kindle you can read all these masterpieces for absolutely NOTHING!"

"Golly! that's very exciting - and the price is very reasonable too - even Ebenezer will want to get one of those!" I said with a laugh.

"You bet! You can't get it much cheaper than that, can you! - AND IT'S MIND-BLOWINGLY exciting - I mean it's like finding a box full of Shakespeare's plays in manuscript in his own handwriting!"

So roll up everyone and take advantage of this fantastic offer. Diamonds, they say, are for ever. But so is great poetry: in fact it lasts longer than diamonds! These will - well, that's what Dingo says anyway!



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