07 janeiro 2015, Notícias
Bagatelle No 3 -
This very short piece (just over two minutes) represents a sudden outburst of intense happiness at seeing the first signs of spring after a long, miserable winter. Hence it's sub-title : Joie de vivre . It is in a sense the musical expression of a poem I wrote recently which reads: How lovely is the sudden smile, Warm and friendly - enough to beguile The coldest, saddest heart awhile 'We're here together - you're not alone'. It brings a touch of glorious spring To ...
27 novembro 2014, Artigo
Dingo has just rushed in: breathless and panting like a steam engine about to blow up! "What's the matter?" I said jumping out of bed. "QUICK! QUICK! Go to US IMMEDIATELY! Just for today (27th November - because it's Thanksgiving Day) they're giving away FREE copies of my poetry book ( Vignettes of Childhood and other poems) - so if you've got a Kindle you can read all these masterpieces for absolutely NOTHING!" "Golly! that's very exciting - and the price is very ...
18 outubro 2014, Artigo
Dingo has a rival!
"Two new cases of Bird 'flu, you say? Wow - that's scary."
09 outubro 2014, Artigo
Heigh, listen to this, guys and girls!
"You remember, Ebenezer, I told you about the Old Mans new book of poems" said Dingo the other night (see entry below: Dingo is proud to announce) "Well let me tell you that from Friday the 10th to Monday the 13th of October you'll be able to get a copy of this fantasic book absolutely FREE from Amazon. Now, I ask you, you can't get it much cheaper than that, can you!" Well, Ebenezer as we all know is a Scot so when it comes to saving a wee bit of money he is not exactly slow! So not ...
01 outubro 2014, Artigo
Dingo has a bright idea!
"I've been thinking" Dingo said. ("That must have been quite a painful experience" muttered Ebenezer under his breath). "Having already told everone about the book of poetry", (see in case you've forgotten!) Dingo went on, ignoring Ebenezer's snide remark,  "why don't we bung one of the poems on our site as a tempting foretaste, so to speak. I reckon the one about Beethoven would be just the berries for all those music lovers if you ...
26 setembro 2014, Artigo
Dingo is proud to announce...
Ebenezer got it all wrong - even the picture of Dingo didn't go viral as he hoped! but you never know: one day, perhaps! Anyway, at the moment he's all excited about the Old Man's new book that has just been published: "Vignettes of childhood and other poems". Asked to comment the venerable author said: "People are always asking me - well, someone did the other day - why I haven't published my poems. Well, now I have!" Dingo, Ebenezer and Co., have already read them and they reckon they're ...
26 maio 2014, Artigo
Dingo announces new organ work!
I didn't want to mention it myself, but Dingo insists! He has written a new piece for organ and I must reluctantly admit that it's pretty good - for a dog that is! I crept into the cathedral the other evening unbeknown to him and listened to him playing the thing, and I'm not surprised that he's proud of it. Mind you, he was playing a big, powerful 4 manual instrument with a glorious range of pedal stops like 32' bombards and all that sort of thing. Even so I have no hesitation (Dingo made me ...
30 outubro 2013, Artigo
Sonata quasi una fantasia
A revised and PRINTED version of my Sonata quasi una fantasia (Joyous memories) has just been uploaded on my site (30/10/13/ and is waiting approval by MusicaNeo. Dingo begs all his thousands of fans worldwide to be patient. "It'll be worth it!" - or so he reckons! 
23 maio 2013, Artigo
Dingo has a change of heart!
24 abril 2013, Artigo
Dingo gives a very unusual recital
There's seems to have been a bit of a misunderstanding - but believe it or not, Dingo is really a brilliant organist. His performances of Bach's Fantasia and Fugue in G minor and the great D major Prelude and Fugue for example are something to hear. He was talking about it the other evening. He reckons that most performers play them far too fast. "All they want to do is to show-off their own so-called virtuosity! But", he went, munching his bone and chewing away like one-o-clock,  "you've got to ...
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