19 июля 2012, Статья
Dingos back!
Surprise, surprise! Dingo has come home - much to Ebenezer's disappointment! But Mousie and Sonnet are so happy now! Anyway, Dingo did manage to write a lovely little "Song without words" while he was away, and he has just uploaded it on the site. It's a lovely little thing but rather sad, which is not surprising considering what he went through during his absence. It's called Triestesse. Dingo explains below what actually happened to him!
17 мая 2012, Статья
Another disappointment for Dingo!
I'm afraid Dingo is not having a very good time lately. It's a shame - he tries so hard, but something always seems to go wrong somehow and a spanner is always bunged in the works! He's so down-hearted at the moment that he's thinking of becoming a monk! Ebenezer (who is also pretty depressed because all his money is stuffed in a Greek bank!) is keeping his fingers crossed that Dingo really will join a monastery. "I just hope he joins the Trappist Order. That way we'll get a bit of peace and quiet ...
28 апреля 2012, Статья
The moving saga of the Nursery Suite
What a terrible time Dingo has been having over the last three weeks or so! It all started when a friend of his sent him some software which would enable him to typeset his very own music. He was wildly excited at first but by the end of the first week he looked pale and distraught and ready for the local looney-bin! As we all know, his knowledge of computers is virtually nil so we naturally watched the proceedings with great interest to see how he'd cope with the intricacies of it all. "Oh - ...
17 апреля 2012, Статья
Three poems set to music by Verheul
I have been asked to quote the full text of the three poems recently set to music by Maurice Verheul in his latest work "Triptych" (a recording of which is available on his personal MusicaNeo page). In addition to "True Greatness" - which appears on my biographical page - the text of the other two poems are appended below: THE POWER OF WORDS What magic lies in simple words, What music hides within: How gently on the ear doth fall The cadences that sing. For words have life ... Комментарии 1
04 апреля 2012, Статья
Dingo is at it again!
22 марта 2012, Статья
Sensational discovery of historic recording
A rare, hitherto unknown recording has been discovered which, according to the accompanying commemorative booklet, includes “an excerpt from the Allegro con brio finale of Ludwig van Beethoven’s 7 th symphony in A major conducted by the composer, transferred onto wax by means of a recently invented process by Johann Nepomuk Maelzel – Royal and Imperial Court Mechanic and Inventor – at a concert given at the University of Vienna on the 12 th December, 1813”. What would your feelings be if you had ...
08 марта 2012, Статья
Doubts cast on State Funeral
Dingo and his friends were talking the other evening about their ancestry. He claims he comes from a long line of illustrious Normans who illegally entered England in 1066! (“Barbaric Norman dogs!” muttered Ebenezer under his breath). “I heard that!” said Dingo. “But you can’t talk anyway. I’ve got a jolly good idea who you ’ re descended from – you’re just like him!” “Oh – who’s that?” asked Ebenezer innocently. “Bach – you’re also totally boring and banal!” Later, when they had got over ...
29 февраля 2012, Статья
Dingo is struggling
Poor Dingo is really "battling" with his new Symphony which, when finished, he calmly told us over afternoon tea, he thinks he'll call 'The Tenth'! Unfortunately, Ebenezer was just about to swallow a mouthful of the "cup that cheers" at that very moment. He was so shocked at Dingo's conceit and audacity that he spat the lot over Mousie who happened to be nearest him! He also reckons that he is going to use his 2nd Bagatelle (which he found the other day) as a sort of ...
20 февраля 2012, Статья
Dingo makes a "great discovery"
Dingo is over-the-moon at what hes found among all his rubbish, and he hasn't stopped talking about it for days! It obviously means a great deal to him, which is, I suppose, the only thing that really matters in the end. As Master William so succintly put it: "What is aught but as 'tis valued?" What indeed! But Dingos not the only one giving expression to his innermost feelings! Sonnet has been busy too, although I hardly think his funny quatrain (which he has posted below) can be classified as ...
08 февраля 2012, Статья
Bach "boring and banal"...Prof Ebenezer
Uncle Ebenezer - the bosom friend of Dingo, Mousie and Sonnet - is not, I discovered to my surprise, a lover of Bach's music. The other night he was holding forth on the subject of what he called Johan Sebastian's "interminable Preludes, Fugues and Cantatas" and although I don't personally agree with him, his remarks were so interesting and unconventional that it seemed to me that they deserved a wider audience - if only because they make a great talking point if nothing else!  "I don't ...
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