28 April 2012

The moving saga of the Nursery Suite

What a terrible time Dingo has been having over the last three weeks or so!

It all started when a friend of his sent him some software which would enable him to typeset his very own music. He was wildly excited at first but by the end of the first week he looked pale and distraught and ready for the local looney-bin!

As we all know, his knowledge of computers is virtually nil so we naturally watched the proceedings with great interest to see how he'd cope with the intricacies of it all.

"Oh - it's easy-peasy" he said. "I'll soon get the hang of this thing, you see".

At the end of the second day, he came out of his room looking as if he'd done battle with all the demons of hell!

"Well", asked Ebenezer innocently, "how did it go? Have you finished setting your Nursery Suite yet?"

Dingo smiled wearily. "Well - I've done one bar - and it looks great!"

And so the life and death struggle went on day after day for 18 days at the end of which Dingo emerged and proudly announced it was all finished. He looked as exhausted as Beethoven did when he had just finished composing the Credo of his Missa Solemnis!

But Dingo's jubilation was short-lived.

"Now all I have to do is to upload it all and then it'll be there in all its grandeur for all the world to applaud and admire!" he said.

Yeah, right!

"Do you know HOW to upload it?" asked Mousie.

"Oh - that's simple!"

"Have you done it before?" asked Sonnet.

"No - but even so. Even a baby could do it!" rejoined Dingo in his usual confident way.

Well, I certainly wish he HAD left it to a baby. Things would have gone much smoother and quicker!

Thanks, finally, to the Support Team's detailed instructions and encouragement, it DID get uploaded in the end, bar by bar and page by page (something had gone wrong somewhere!), and I might tell you, with the name of one Ludwig van Beethoven proudly and mysteriously embellishing the title page! ("How on earth did THAT get there?" asked Ebenezer. "I don't know" replied Dingo, "but never mind. It'll help to sell the thing. Afterall, Beethoven is fairly well-known in the music world, I believe!")

Anyway, now that the dust is all settled and life is returning to normal, I can only say that it was worth it in the end. The music is jolly nice and very amusing in places and Dingo certainly deserves a medal of some sort for his heroic struggle with the crazy and unpredictable wonders of modern technology.




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