18 October 2012

Dingo goes Public - by mistake!

Poor Dingo is having a searing time on his computer. He pretends to know all about it, but the truth is he hasn't much of a clue really.

Neither, for that matter, have Ebenezer, Mousie or Sonnet, although they are never short of "helpful" advice like: "Click on that little red thing there and see what happens!" or "Try writing a comment in that funny box at the top there and click "send" - you never know - it might work!". Of course the invariable result of all these instructions is that Dingo generally has to sit for hours watching the hypnotic little wheel turning round and round or, even worse, the screen suddenly goes blank, at which point in the proceedings Ebenezer can seldom resist patting Dingo on the back and saying: "Well, I just hope you saved all your work before you did that!"

Today was a particularly bad day, I gather!



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