30 November 2012

Concert up-date: behind the scenes!

The Great Christmas Concert is proving to be a sell-out. Tickets can now only be got on the blackmarket! But sources near to the throne say that behind-the-scenes things aren't going all that smoothly!

Dingo being Dingo isn't practising. "I don't need to" he was heard to say the other day, "even if I make dozens of mistakes in the 'Hammerklavier' no one will be able to tell!! Besides", he added, "Anton Rubinstein always made hundreds of mistakes and nobody cared! It's the spirit of the thing that counts! Don't you worry - I'll be a sensation! What other dog do you know that can play late-Beethoven!"

Well, he's got a point. I can't think of any off-hand!

Mousie, of course, is practically on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and you should see the huge quantity of cheese he's getting through. He's so fat sometimes he can hardly climb the ladder to reach his bassoon! - but it's not only his nerves. There's a lot of very sinister forces at work and things could obviously turn really ugly ("just like Ebenezer" said Dingo with a laugh!).

Anyway, the concert is going ahead no matter what, or so Dingo says, but I can't help having my doubts sometimes. Anyway, looking on the bright side, yesterday Dingo and Co signed a contract with a famous recording company, so those unfortunates who have been unable to get tickets can take comfort from the fact that CDs will be available at all major outlets worldwide early in the New year - fingers crossed!

That's really something to look forward to indeed.



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