06 Dezember 2012

Disaster strikes famous performers

What exciting lives Dingo and his friends lead and what a lot of lovely memories they’re storing up for the long winter evenings!

However, it’s not all wonderful. There are some bits that they’ll want to forget – like now for instance!

But although it looks very serious, fear not, the world’s media have, I suspect, blown- the whole thing out of all proportion just to keep us all in suspence!

I mean, just look at today’s headlines in the world press! Even the BBC, which is normally very “stiff-upper-lip” in its approach to news has gone all dramatic in it’s reports. As for CNN – well! You can imagine what they’re making of it!

Just so you know, I rang up the hospital last night and I gather from the head surgeon there that Dingo is, in fact, almost his old chirpy self and has been asking for raspberry jelly and ice-cream with his usual supper bone! As for Elena and Anna they’re reported to be in very good spirits and were last seen jumping up and down on their beds and making eyes at all the young student doctors! (and boy, that’ll upset Dingo. And how!)

So, relax everyone, the Great Christmas Concert will, I am sure, be held as advertised in the press, so no-one should lose any sleep over it – honest!



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