07 Januar 2015

Bagatelle No 3 -

This very short piece (just over two minutes) represents a sudden outburst of intense happiness at seeing the first signs of spring after a long, miserable winter.

Hence it's sub-title : Joie de vivre . It is in a sense the musical expression of a poem I wrote recently which reads:

How lovely is the sudden smile,

Warm and friendly - enough to beguile

The coldest, saddest heart awhile

'We're here together - you're not alone'.

It brings a touch of glorious spring

To winter's dark, oppressive sting

When on bare bough a linnet sings:

'We're here together - you're not alone'"

@Michael Thurstan Bassett. Vignettes of boyhood and other poems.


Wishing us all a lovely spring!




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