16 April 2013, Article
Dingo has a problem
Poor Dingo has had a rather bad time of it lately. He hasn't been sleeping and hes even been off his food - and that's saying something!  None of us knew what was wrong (although Mousie was convinced that he'd got Bird 'flu from living in the same house as Ebenezer! As you can imagine Ebenezer wasn't very amused with Mousie!) However, we've now found out what was causing the trouble! Apparently, he had written a lovely letter to his girlfriend for Easter and he naturally expected he'd ...
29 March 2013, Article
    Hey, you guys, what better way to celebrate Easter than by discovering the wonderful world of Dingo! I've just uploaded a fantasic piece of piano music which, even though I say it myself, is quite brilliant (especially the 2nd variation!) Once you've got to know this magnificent work I'll guarantee you'll never want to play anything else again - ever! (you'll find it on Thurstan Bassett's site under the fancy title of Tema con Variazione ...
26 March 2013, Article
Dingo plans Ebenezer's Easter present!
14 March 2013, Article
Life is not easy for a mouse!
Poor Mousie does have a hard time of it. It's the price he has to pay for being so creative! He's so sensitive that he gets migraines and nightmares at the drop of a hat. But as long as he gets plenty of pickled onions and seriously mature cheddar cheese he generally manages to bear up under it all. Unfortunately last night he had a really nasty experience - (see below) - and it wasn't, as Dingo suggested, because he had had to listen to a few Bach cantatas or a lot of music ...
06 March 2013, Article
Dingo "and a life on the ocean wave"!
24 February 2013, Article
Dingo is inspired
I’m sure (well, fairly sure) you’ve all been wondering where Dingo has been all this time. Many of you, I imagine, have lain awake sleepless for many a night, tossing and turning in your beds anxiously pondering as to what could possibly have happened to him. You haven’t? OK. Never mind.   I’m going to tell you anyway! The truth is that he came over all creative a couple of weeks ago, went into his room, locked the door, and that was the last we saw of him until yesterday (it ...
13 February 2013, Article
Did YOU get any Valentines?
O yes, I got lots and lots and lots - just like Ebenezer, Sonnet and Mousie!
05 February 2013, Article
"A horse! a horse! my kingdom for a horse!"
29 January 2013, Article
"East, West, Home's best" - are you sure?
25 January 2013, Article
Vignettes of boyhood - Beethoven
From the age of 11 (when I first heard a performance of his 7th symphony), Beethoven has been the one, constant, overwhelming inspiration of my life. It was only natural, therefore, that when we went to live not far from Bonn (Vignettes 2 and 3 on ) that I should ask my father to take me to visit the Titan's birthplace. The neglected building was still closed to the public as was to be expected; the windows were shuttered, the rooms dark, stale and dusty; ...