15 November 2012, Article
What on earth went wrong?
I popped by Dingo's place the other day to see how they were. I also wanted to find out if they had made any plans yet for Christmas. Unfortunately when I got there only Sonnet was in, and oddly enough he didn't have any idea where they were - and what was worrying, he didn't have the vaguest idea when they would be back.  I wonder what had happened?
12 November 2012, Article
Hair today - gone tomorrow
08 November 2012, Article
Dingo goes visiting
Yesterday, Dingo got the hell-in it with Ebenezer and co. and decided to go and visit an old friend of his who lives down the road (believe it or not he actually has some friends!) He reckons he has been working too hard and he needs a holiday (or so he says - added to which his Great Symphony is not going very well at the moment!). Anyway, off he went for a short break, but things weren't much better at his friend's house - in fact, he was quite glad in the end to get back home ... Comments 2
01 November 2012, Article
A modern "Flying Dutchman"
The most inspiring performance of a Beethoven symphony that I have ever heard was when I was travelling aboard an old Second World War cargo boat hundreds of miles from land. I was sitting outside the wireless room one evening in the tropics, lazily gazing up into a deep velvet sky studded, as far as the eye could see, with streams of brilliant, glittering stars. Suddenly the heavy silence of the night was shattered by the startling sound of the two imperious introductory chords of the ...
28 October 2012, Article
A slight misunderstanding!
23 October 2012, Article
Dingo and the Great (US) Debate
I want to become a famous king, And go anywhere and do anything: To climb my tower and ring the bell, And tell all my subjects to go to hell! After Dingo originally posted this bit of doggeral of his, he didin't know how to put a picture with it. Now he has discovered how to and, boy, is he chuffed with himself! He's finally getting into the 21st century! "But you can't put the same piece in twice", Ebenezer objected. "Why can't I? It's my Blog. I'll put it in as many times as I ...
18 October 2012, Article
Dingo goes Public - by mistake!
Poor Dingo is having a searing time on his computer. He pretends to know all about it, but the truth is he hasn't much of a clue really. Neither, for that matter, have Ebenezer, Mousie or Sonnet, although they are never short of "helpful" advice like: "Click on that little red thing there and see what happens!" or "Try writing a comment in that funny box at the top there and click "send" - you never know - it might work!". Of course the invariable result of all these instructions is that Dingo ...
15 October 2012, Article
Dingo and Mousie go a-travelling
18 September 2012, Article
Ebenezer and Sonnet "stir the pot"
Ever since Dingo saw that "one giant step for man" he has been in a most peculiar mood. Ebenezer and Sonnet have been trying to cheer him up, but judging from the snippet below they're not succeeding! And they'd better watch what they're saying (even though it's in private) otherwise who knows what will happen all of a sudden!
29 August 2012, Article
Dingo and Mousie go to Mars!
Astronomy and space travel have always fascinated Dingo (that's why he calls himself the Dog Star). Now he has had his chance. Ebenezer is keeping fingers crossed that he'll be away for a very long, long time Comments 1